Personal Trainer | Prana Fitness Coach
Thai Massage Teacher

At an early age, Gastón Díaz began practicing urban-style dance such as break dance, uprock and street jam, and it was in the 90s that his abundant enthusiasm and regular practice of these innovative dance styles led him into the world of entertainment, theater and television in Argentina, Buenos Aires.

This gave him the opportunity to also move into musical theater and learn further skills such as: clown, theatrical improvisation, jazz dance and contemporary dance, which broadened his perspective by focusing all his attention on training, and body awareness.

In search of an all round holistic training, Gastón began to expand his interest to boxing, full contact sports and capoeira,  and says that during this discovery he really found the balance of rhythm and movement in fitness, a discipline backed up by science. In 2002, he received training in fitness and moved to Madrid to continue working and training in this constantly evolving discipline.

Living the changes of fitness, he started realizing that there was a strong link between new science relating to health and sports, and the oriental knowledge present in Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Buddhist principles. That is why, he then began his training in Traditional Thai Massage, a discipline that combines the knowledge of these three cultural legacies.

It was at The Sanctuary on Koh Phangan island, Thailand, that he took his first massage training course, and after four years of practice with the most qualified teachers, he began teaching courses at the Spanish School of Traditional Thai Massage.

Given his studies and pursuits, Gastón has spectacular body awareness and a talent for observation, which makes him a very fluent and intuitive teacher of the “dance” of Thai Massage. With his encouraging energy, he leaves a long-lasting impression and passes on his love and passion for Thai Massage without effort. 


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